Payments in case of accident

Unfortunately, absolutely any car owner can get into an accident.

To alleviate the consequences of the accident for the victims, the state has introduced a mandatory OSAGO, insurance guarantees the minimum payments in case of an accident for the compensation of damage to property and the costs of treating victims.

Maximum and minimum payments in case of accident

The maximum payment for an OSAGO in case of damage to property can be up to 400,000 rubles, and for damage to human health – 500,000. The victim must receive these payments within 3 weeks after the fact of the accident has been established.

In this case, the victim must inform the insurer about the accident within 15 days. Insurance payments in this case will receive only victims, but not the cause of the accident.

If the cause of the accident does not have a policy, then in addition to a fine, he will have to become a defendant in court and compensate all the damage caused by the accident to all participants in the accident, in addition, he will have to repair his car himself, so it is very important to strictly follow the car insurance procedure and always carry a policy with you.

To receive payments, it is the victims who must apply to the insurance company of the car owner for compensation.

Payment under this insurance can be made according to three schemes. This may be a direct damages in case of an accident , europrotocol or standard procedure.

Payments in case of accident

Direct refund and euro-protocol are simpler and less time consuming, but many conditions must be met here, and besides, maximum payments are limited. If there was a major accident, it is more logical to use the standard procedure.

Under the new law on OSAGO, the most common is the direct settlement procedure. According to her, the victim can get insurance from his insurer.

  • In order to receive payment in this order, it is necessary that the victim does not receive damage to life and health in the accident.
  • The accident should involve no more than 2 cars, both drivers must have valid policies on CTP.
  • If, after applying for direct damages, the victim has health problems, he must contact the insurer of the perpetrator to receive compensation for treatment.
  • The victim may receive a refusal of compensation from his insurer, this may occur if the insurer of the cause of the accident is revoked, or a refusal may occur if the insurer of the cause of the accident is not a member of the association of insurers.
  • You cannot use this procedure if one of the participants in the accident has an invalid policy;

This procedure seriously simplifies the receipt of compensation. It cannot work if both drivers are to blame for the accident or the car was damaged due to a contactless accident due to improper maneuver of one of the car owners. Under this procedure, you can receive a refund of up to 50,000 rubles.

Accidents can be issued according to the evroprotrook protocol, that is, drivers can issue an incident on their own, without calling the traffic police. This is possible if during the incident no harm was caused to people’s health, no more than 2 cars took part in the incident, while the trailer would be considered a separate transport unit, that is, its presence precludes clearance of the accident in this procedure.

Both participants in the accident must have valid policies on CTP. No participant should be intoxicated. The participants in the incident should not be disagreements in the vision of the accident.

Payments in case of accident

If one of the accident participants is not a citizen of the Russian Federation, then the euro protocol procedure can be applied if he has a green card.

Under this system, you can get compensation for damage in case of an accident of up to 400,000 rubles, but only if both CTP policies began to operate from October 1, 2014, and cars are registered in Moscow, St. Petersburg and relevant areas, if the policies do not meet these requirements, then by euro-protocol you can get only 50,000 rubles, as before.

  • If the repair of the car will be more expensive, the difference will have to be compensated independently, using the standard procedure will no longer be possible, since there were no traffic police officers at the time of the accident.
  • In order to issue an accident on the evroprotocol, both participants in the accident must fill in the front side of the form, the victim will have to fill the opposite side on his own, very well if this process is recorded on camera.
  • Together they must draw up a detailed scheme of it, there it is necessary to indicate the configuration of the road, the position of the cars, traffic lights and holes. They sign all protocol sheets. The insurer must be notified about the accident within 2 weeks.

If the accident can not be issued on a simplified procedure, you will have to resort to the standard. The victim must turn on the emergency lights and stop, put an emergency sign, he should be 15 meters from the car in the city and 30 meters on the highway.

It is important to find witnesses of the incident or the autoregistrar record, traffic police officers must be called in, you should wait for them to appear, and the scene of the incident must retain its original appearance.

Traffic police officers need to show their rights, insurance, car registration documents, a vehicle inspection certificate and sign the documents provided by them, then they need to receive a certificate of an accident, go to the office and pick up a protocol on an administrative offense or a written refusal to initiate administrative proceedings.

Payments in case of accident

Within 15 days after the accident, the victim must notify the insurer of the accident perpetrator about the accident within 15 days, the car must be provided for the post-accident examination. The insurer will decide on the payment in accordance with the statement drawn up. If he untimely decided to pay, a penalty in favor of the victim is charged in the amount of 1/75 of the refinancing rate.

The insurer may refuse to pay insurance if it is not possible to determine the person responsible for the accident, if the person responsible for the accident was driving the person who was not entitled to drive it, the accident was committed due to circumstances having insurmountable force injured himself.

If the car was repaired or disposed of prior to inspection, then insurance is also not paid, and payment will also be refused if the victim’s car has not been provided for examination. You can get insurance from any insurer, before this, it is important to find out exactly how much a CTP is for a year , you can do it yourself, using the online calculator, it is available on many sites. 

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