New in OSAGO in 2019

New in OSAGO in 2019 concerns the cost of insurance and the length of the tariff corridor. The fact that auto-citizens are waiting for changes, they said the whole of last year, but what innovations they expect from Russian motorists was not clear.

With the advent of the new, in 2019, the project became open, and today we can discuss the new in the insurance of CTP. Now car insurance will occur with some changes.

What’s new in CTP in 2019

So, in the coming year, only the first stage of changes in the field of auto insurance is expected. But he brought a lot of surprises to the owners of cars.

  • In the autumn, the system for calculating the coefficients changed, which now depend on the driving experience and the age of the driver himself.
  • From January 1, 2019, any driver has the right to choose the insurance insurance plan by himself, and the principles of payment for the policy change.
  • It is expected that in 2020 the base amount that each driver had to pay the insurer will be completely canceled, and the cost of insurance will be determined individually.

New OSAGO ratios in 2019

While the effect of the old coefficients is preserved, so that the new rules do not become too unexpected, and innovations become more active gradually. While the price of auto insurance policy depends on the region in which the car is used, and how powerful the car is.

In areas where there is a favorable situation with car insurance, the driver pays less for the policy, if the situation is unfavorable, more. However, this principle does not always act objectively, whereas in determining the cost of insurance, the individual characteristics of a particular driver should play first. So it is quite possible to wait for discounts on OSAGO with the introduction of new tariffs and ratios.

In the fall, 50 new categories were introduced to determine the cost of insurance and the insurance ratio. These categories take into account the age of the driver, his driving experience, the number of insurance claims in his practice and other indicators.

Thus, the calculation of coefficients and tariffs will become more individual, and novice drivers will not be on a par with experienced motorists. Accordingly, novice drivers will pay more for auto-citizen, at a higher rate.

The plans also introduce incentives for law-abiding motorists. As in the CASCO, the OSAGO will take into account the following indicators:

  • the number of offenses committed by the driver;
  • the time of day at which the machine is most often used;
  • driving style of a person.

And each time the coefficient will be calculated for a specific person, and not for the car.

New prices OSAGO in 2019

The base rates for auto-citizenship will be expanded by an average of 20%. At the same time for motorists, the cost, taking into account all the above factors, can be from one and a half to thirty thousand a year. So , it will be possible to determine how much a CTP will cost per year .

But for motorcycles and scooters insurance rates will be reduced.

If an insurance policy is purchased by a legal entity with a fleet of cars, then it is planned to introduce one rate for all cars in the park, and not to calculate the coefficient for each of them individually.

  • The car owner himself will choose for how long to issue a policy, earlier the default period was 12 months.
  • Under the new rules, it will be possible to issue insurance for 3 years at once.
  • There will also be new principles for calculating the amount of insurance coverage.
  • The cost of spare parts for repair by CTP has increased since December 2018, this will become especially noticeable when repairing foreign cars.

Identifying drivers who shy away from the design of OSAGO is another area that is relevant for 2019. This will deal with special video cameras.

Thus, it is expected that the process and procedure for car insurance will change this year. Will the new in OSAGO in 2019 adopted and effectively implemented in the work of insurance companies, we will know very soon.

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