Changes in compulsory motor TPL insurance

Changes in compulsory motor TPL insurance since April 2017 have become a bolt from the blue for motorists. Skeptics have already said that the new rules for damages will make owners of cars who are in a difficult situation cry.

On April 28, 2017, new amendments to the federal law regarding the physical compensation of damage to car owners under the CTP policy entered into force .

In this case, car owners who have entered into an agreement after this date, in the event of an accident, will receive a fully paid repair of the car in exchange for cash compensation.

In this case, material compensation is not canceled and will be used in exceptional cases. For example, when the car is not repairable or in cases where it exceeds the allowable cash limit of 400 thousand rubles.

What are the changes in CTP since April of this year?

Changes in compulsory motor TPL insurance will allow insurance companies to send it to a service center for repairs in return for a material compensation for a damaged car.

In this case, the service station must be located at a distance of no more than 50 km from the place of the accident or from the house of the owner of the car. It is also worth noting that the person himself will be able to choose a car service from the list offered by the insurance organization.

At the same time, auto-lawyers managed to note that these amendments are more focused on insurance companies, and not on consumers.

  • Yes, and a situation in which the car owner can not independently choose the service station for the repair of his vehicle can be considered as a violation of his rights.
  • Plus, the question remains about the location of the service station in small towns. After all, for example, in certain areas of our country there are villages and regional centers, whose remoteness from the service station exceeds 50 km.

This law also includes repairs at those stations that are not covered by the contract between the insurer and the car owner. But this will require a written agreement of the injured party and the insurance organization. Nevertheless, the position of insurers in this matter is still unclear.

The developers of the amendments to this project make a positive emphasis on innovations that it will be possible for car owners to repair without additional payment. It will be carried out within 30 working days and in case of delay of this time the insurance company will pay a fine to the car owner in the amount of 0.5% of the amount of compensation. However, with such a system , car insurance is still very much like a roulette wheel.

In this case, if the repair of the car should cost 200 thousand rubles, and the car-care center made it for 40 days, the car owner will be able to compensate his expectation with a compensation of 10 thousand rubles.

The law also provides for a clause according to which in case of dissatisfaction with the car owner for the repairs made, he will be able to make a formal claim to the insurer on this matter. And he undertakes to correct all the shortcomings that have arisen. The project developers note that the repair will be extended for a period of 6 months, and in the case of body or paint repairs, 12 months.

One of the leading specialists in the claims settlement department said that due to the savings of many car owners on repairs, most of the repairs were carried out in the garage or with friends.

Due to this, the quality issue left much to be desired. But those car owners who gave their cars to service centers managed to notice that they were satisfied with the time and quality of the work done.

But above all, these innovations will positively affect the identification of fraudsters. After all, the number of people willing to cash in on repairing their cars is growing every year. These amendments will help to avoid unfair payments and concentrate on repairs for those who really need it.

Also, amendments to the law provide for the use of only new parts for repairs, and not used ones, as the insurance companies had originally planned to make for personal savings. True, in this case there are pitfalls, because if the parts are new, they will not necessarily be original and will be 100% suitable for the car. 

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