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Avtokasko insurance is an affordable guarantee of compensation for material damage in the event of an accident.

Motor vehicle insurance is an important condition for using a car in the territory of any state. And if at the beginning insurance was used as an additional guarantee of compensation for material damage in the event of a traffic accident, today it is a completely rational necessity.

Today, modern insurance companies offer a wide variety of auto insurance services for owners of personal and corporate cars.

The owner has an excellent opportunity to choose a standard car insurance program for his car or use the so-called extended range of services of Avtokasko. This insurance method covers most of the risks associated with road traffic accidents or under any other conditions.

Advantages of Avtokasko. Why is it better to choose a full set of insurance services?

Before you decide on a type of insurance program for Avtokasko, you should identify the main advantages, thanks to which you can understand its clear superiority:

  • financial support for the majority of the number and types of risks on the road or during storage of a car;
  • the maximum amount of payments for the auto insurance service falls on the policies concluded under the Avtokasko agreement (indemnification for many reasons, in accordance with the existing insurance contract for a motor vehicle);
  • individual process of selection of the insurance program, based on the characteristics and parameters of the car;
  • maximum time savings in resolving the conflict on the road, as well as saving resources in recovering financial damage in the event of an accident;
  • the possibility of paying for the purchase of the CASCO policy in installment mode (especially if there is an unplanned increase in the cost of the policy).

To purchase an insurance policy for Avtokasko, the policyholder’s personal visit to the office is necessary or a contract may be concluded in absentia when communicating with an agent.

This allows you to save a lot of time, while obtaining a formal car insurance contract with an appropriate period of validity. When buying a policy, the value of the car at the time of purchase, as well as the results of the assessment, is important. This provides additional information on the possible level of compensation for material damage in the event of an accident.

The age of the car is also extremely important, so this parameter is used in determining the amount of financial benefit when paying under the Avtokasko policy and the possibility of concluding a contract.

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