Where better to insure the car?

Where better to insure the car? Everyone who buys a car hopes that nothing extraordinary will happen to him, however, an accident can happen to everyone, it is almost impossible to fully protect the car from this, but it is possible and necessary to reduce financial costs, auto insurance will help.

Everyone should know how to properly insure the car and where it is better to do it. CTP insurance is mandatory in the Russian Federation and provides for driver liability insurance to other road users.

If the owner of the car is to blame for the accident, then OSAGO will help to make payments to the victims, as a rule, it allows you to cover the damage completely.

Previously, there were several options for its design, the situation changed when the power of attorney was revoked to control someone else’s vehicles. This driver is insured by any driver who legally drives a car, not only possible, but it is necessary to insure the old car. However, it is more difficult.

The cost of insurance for each car will be different, it depends on many parameters, it is the age of the car, the older it is, the greater the likelihood of getting into an accident, since such cars can have many malfunctions, also the cost is affected by the experience of the driver, engine power.

If the experience is small, and the motor is strong, the policy will go up. The place where the car is registered is also important where the movement is not so active and the insurance will be cheaper.

Where is it better to insure the car for CTP?

As for the question of where to better insure the car, do not forget about where there can be free cheese. Many recently appeared on the market, insurers offer to issue OSAGO much cheaper, but there are no guarantees that such a company will be able to pay the costs if necessary.

  • It is better to insure a car from an insurer operating in the market for at least 10 years, where the cost of the policy will be somewhat higher, but you can be sure that this is real insurance and there will be no extra financial costs, it is better to give preference to state-owned companies in this matter.
  • Serious insurers periodically hold various promotions and issue savings cards to their customers, which makes it cheaper to buy insurance.
  • This insurance is compulsory, participants of fights, invalids of the first group are released from it if they personally drive a car and those driving a car in their presence.
  • Half of the cost of insurance is paid by pensioners, Chernobyl victims, disabled people of the second group and participants of the war, but in this case the engine size of the car should be less than 2500 cubic meters. see if the machine is more powerful you have to pay the full cost.

In addition to compulsory insurance OSAGO, there is a voluntary hull insurance, it is now increasingly common. Such insurance will protect the driver from theft and damage to the car, you can also insure life from death in an accident, then the relatives of the deceased will receive insurance. 

Hull insurance may be full or partial, you can issue a policy for all risks or insure the car, but not to insure life, you can also insure automotive equipment and in case of theft get a refund.

When choosing a policy, you need to focus on the optimal combination of its quality and price. It is not necessary to try to insure a car cheap , it will lead to additional costs.

Many items from a full hull insurance in real life are completely useless, but you have to pay more than 10,000 rubles, and the insurance will last for only a year. If you exclude from the insurance such items as theft and theft of equipment, the policy will be much cheaper.

Many have a good garage and an alarm system, so the likelihood of theft of a car is greatly reduced, so overpaying for full insurance is not always advisable while insurance should always include damage to the car and participation in an accident

Which company is better to buy insurance?

It is necessary to treat the choice of the insurance company with all responsibility, carefully analyze all offers on the market. The insurer must have regular partners.

Never pay time and attention to the cheapest offers, pay more attention to the average price segment, the state company will always be a good choice, there will definitely not be any deception, although you can sometimes overpay, in any case, it is necessary to insure the car from theft now, especially if you live in a big city. 

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