How to insure the car through the Internet?

The procedure for insurance CTP in the Russian Federation has changed almost since the registration of the system.

One of the latest changes was the ability to arrange insurance on the Internet, it became possible after the creation of an automated information system OSAGO.

In recent years, insurers realized that auto insurance occupies most of their portfolios and the procedure itself becomes unprofitable for them.

They began to restrict the sale of CTP policies by various means, some refused to insure because there were no policies, others imposed additional accident insurance and other types of insurance on the client.

  • Motorists had to conclude such contracts, as they lost much more from fines and other sanctions.
  • An e-policy will help solve these problems; it is impossible to impose services unnecessary on a person on the Internet.
  • It is impossible to refuse to conclude a contract due to the lack of a form.
  • Such a policy will solve the problem of accessibility of insurance throughout the country, even where there are no representatives of insurers, however, not all companies offer this service yet.
  • The prolongation of the policy via the Internet is allowed from July 2015, and in October of the same year their primary electronic registration is also allowed.
  • Since last July, legal entities can also issue policies in this way. Now this service is offered by almost all major insurers.

In general, when choosing an insurer, you need to pay attention to its share capital, reliability rating, reviews of other insured. Greater reliability is distinguished by large federal and especially state insurance companies, but small regional companies should not be completely neglected, they can also work perfectly.

Car insurance procedure via the Internet

Before you start registration, it is better, of course, to know how to insure a car through the Internet, in fact, it is easier than it seems. If you want to issue an electronic policy, after choosing a company, you need to go to its website and register there, you need your full name, passport details, email address and phone number, you can also request a home address.

The insurer will send this data to an automated system, if everything is correct, a person receives a password and login for a personal account, there you can issue a corresponding application.

  • A password is an analogue of a person’s electronic signature, and it can be obtained at the insurer’s office.
  • If there is a registration on the Public Services Portal, then this login and password can be used to register on the website of any insurer.

Next, you need to issue a statement, it will contain all the same points as on paper, which are filled out annually during the renewal of the policy. After filling, you need to put an electronic signature and send an application.

The insurance company will transfer the data to its automated system, if everything is normal, the insured will receive a calculation of the cost of the policy, it can also be paid online using a card or through an ATM, the price of paper and electronic policy options is the same.

After payment, the insurer sends the paper version of the policy to the insurer’s e-mail. It looks just like a regular form and has a typographical series.

Together with the policy are sent and all applications to it; a reminder, a copy of the payment receipt, a list of regional representatives of the insurer, a link to check the policy You can not print the policy, so it will be in all databases, but it is better to have its paper version and keep it in the car. While the law provides for the obligation of the driver to show the policy to the traffic police officer upon his request.

While this auto insurance is only debugged, there may be various technical failures in the design and verification of such policies, in the future, it will be enough just to tell the traffic police officer the number of your policy, you can also check the availability of the policy by car number.

When you make an electronic policy, the insurer does not need to present any documents to the insurer personally, all personal data is simply written in the application, and the vehicle’s data is checked against the traffic police database, you can also check the inspection data there.

  • If the policyholder is renewing the policy, then copies of the documents are already in the automated system.
  • Paper and electronic policy are equally legally significant, the law does not have to fully switch to the electronic version of registration, it is a personal choice of the insured.
  • The electronic signature also has the same power as the real one. If the system detects the falsity of the information transmitted by the policyholder, the issuance of the policy will be refused and they will be asked to check.

When writing data, you need to be as attentive as possible, you do not need to try to hide your participation in the accident, if the insured is the culprit, this data is still there in the automated system.

How to insure your car online

If the policyholder is not the owner of the car, then it is not yet possible to issue the policy in electronic form. It is impossible to issue such a policy also on the newly purchased car, since it has not yet been registered with the traffic police and there is no data on it in the OSAGO database.

It is impossible to draw up such a policy through an intermediary site, brokers and agents do not yet have such a right. The policy can also be issued on paper, but the trend shows that the future belongs to e-insurance, in Russia there are not many car owners who have designed such a policy for themselves, but in the end everyone will come to this, the indisputable convenience and reliability of this method of registration.

If you want to learn more about this topic, you can visit the insurance forum on our website, where you can find a lot of useful information.

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