Savings on insurance

The price of car insurance depends on many nuances, ranging from the cost of the car, to the number of accidents to which this car fell. Moreover, different insurance companies offer different amounts of insurance. Driving instructors told us how to get a Hull insurance cheap and save money.

Extra services

As a rule, a newbie who has acquired a brand new car after learning to driveand for the first time insures him for TCP does not know that some insurance services can be abandoned.

So you can make a partial hull, which will protect against theft or damage. As for the full option, in this case, the insurance comes from both damage and theft. Not afraid of theft? Then we recommend to use a partial insurance.

Refuse from such services as service. The service provides assistance in the preparation of documents for the accident of the emergency commissioners, evacuation of cars from the scene. If you are sure that you will easily and quickly cope with all the problems after the accident yourself, then you should not include such a service in the hull insurance.

Use a franchise to help save money. The larger it is, the cheaper the insurance.

If your driving experience is large enough, and you do not want to spend a lot of money on repairs, then the recommended deductible will be 15-60,000 rubles. This will reduce the contributions to the hull insurance approximately in half.

For example, you specify a franchise of ten thousand rubles. If your possible damage is 12,000, then the insurance company will pay you only two thousand. If the losses amount to 90,000, then the compensation will be already 80 thousand rubles.

Savings rules

  1. The cost of insurance affects the cost of your car, so first evaluate the car. This can be done by an independent appraiser or insurer. The lower the cost, the TCP policy will be cheaper. However, in the case of an insured event, damage will be paid less.
  2. If you immediately enter into the policy only those who will drive your iron horse, the cost of the hull insurance will be lower. If you choose insurance “without restrictions”, then for the policy, of course, have to pay more.
  3. Another factor with which you can save on hull insurance is your marital status. As a rule, insurers trust more to those who are married and have children. Such people are considered more reliable, so the cost of the policy for them is reduced.
  4. Before you buy a policy, find out about discounts. Insurers do not like to lose their customers, especially those who do not get into accidents and insure several cars at once. For this, insurance companies give good bonuses to their customers.
  5. Another factor you should not forget about. The price of an insurance policy is affected by the form of indemnification in the event of an accident. There are several options for payment of damage: cash; restoration of the car from the official seller; repair in the service station, which is offered by the insurer; repair in the service center that you select. So, the policy will cost less if you prefer to receive cash after the accident. By the way, this is due to the fact that insurance companies love to reduce payments …

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