How are the insurance and inspection?

As stated in the law on insurance  , in order to obtain an insurance policy, a diagnostic checkup card is required . What to do if it is not? After all, you can not ride without a policy. Driving instructors remind that in the absence of an OSAGO, in addition to a fine, you may face the withdrawal of numbers from a car and a ban on its management. What to do if THAT is not, and the policy is already expiring?

Diagnostic checkup card

To begin with, we define what a diagnostic card is. From the driving course we know that this is A4 paper with different vehicle characteristics. It contains information about the technical condition of the machine, and it says the conclusion whether the car can be used. The card must be certified by a technical expert.

The document is issued in two forms: written and electronic.

The first option remains with the owner of the car, and the second – with the technical expert. Electronic data are entered into a unified system of technical inspection . These data are stored for five years. So if you have lost the diagnostic map, you can easily get a duplicate.

CTP and MOT situations

What situations can happen today with an ordinary car owner concerning the interaction of CTP and maintenance?

1. You do not have a diagnostic card, but there is no insurance either. And the car has not yet been registered. In this case, you can issue a policy for 20 days, where only the VIN of the car fits .

By purchasing such a policy, you can get something, and then issued an annual insurance policy. After that, the car is registered, and the registration numbers of the car are reported to the insurance company.

2. Another situation that can happen when there is no insurance or maintenance, but the car has already been registered in the traffic police .

Here the procedure is almost the same as the previous one. The only difference: the data on the car immediately fit into the policy.

3. If you have an insurance on hand, but there is no diagnostic card, then in principle you can drive. Today, when checking documents, maintenance is not checked, but experts still recommend contacting a technical expert.

Characters of people holding insurance icons illustration

If you get into an accident , without a diagnostic card you may have problems with the insurance company. After all, the cause of the accident can be called inappropriate technical condition of the machine. But there are also pitfalls here: it is not beneficial for insurers that the regulatory authorities learn about a violation of the law on their part, that is, that the policy was issued without maintenance.

Often in such a situation, insurers require their clients to present a diagnostic card, otherwise the insurance contract is terminated.

4. If there is a diagnostic map, but there is no CTP, then there should be no problems. Even if the term of the TO is expired “tomorrow”, you can buy an insurance policy “today”.

The best option in case of accident

The best option for a car owner is when the driver has both a CTP and a diagnostic card. If an accident happens, the insurers will no longer be able to find fault with their client and make him the cause of the accident due to a technical malfunction of the car.

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