Insurance- full protection against risk

The owner of the car due to the fact of owning it is at a higher risk of causing damage to its four-wheeled property and health than the “horseless” man in the street. The risk is associated not only with the possibility of a car accident, but also with the actions of probable hijackers, robbers, hooligans and simply the result of natural phenomena. Guaranteed to get rid of the danger is impossible, but you can at least partially reimburse the costs of treatment or repair.

insurance- is it worth it?

Not all owners of cars are ready to insure their “iron horse” against damage, considering these costs to be unjustified. Of course, if we are talking about cheap cars or “old men” who simply live out their time, this opinion is justified. However, for expensive models, insurance is more than desirable – who wants to repair a car damaged in an accident or buy a new one instead of a hijacked completely at his own expense if it is possible to do so for the money of an insurance company?

CASCO - full protection against risk

Despite the voluntary insurance CASCO, there is a case where it becomes almost mandatory. We are talking about buying a car on credit. A bank issuing funds for a purchase may add to the loan agreement a clause on the need to purchase an insurance policy for the car being purchased. Often, the company-insurer is a subsidiary or subordinate for the bank, and the cost of the insurance policy is too high. At the same time, the future happy car owner has to choose between larger loan payments (including insurance) with a guarantee of restoring the car’s performance after damage, or risk losing or damaging the car before the loan payments are completed.

Is life more important than a car?

In addition to insuring your car, its owner is more than desirable to insure both your own life and health. Of course, in the event of serious injury or death, insurance payments will not return health and will not resurrect the dead, however, they will at least pay for expensive treatment. Therefore bundled with insurance Many companies offer to conclude an additional contract for life and health insurance. Especially important is the presence of such a policy when going abroad – having contracts of Green Card, CASCO and life insurance on your hands, you can almost completely save yourself from falling into a hopeless situation in a foreign country. It should be noted that if companies that are eligible for insurance under Green Card agreements almost always have access to the international level, lower-level insurers may not be able to cope with payments abroad. This factor should be considered when buying a policy. It is very difficult to calculate the hull insurance and the cost of other contracts on your own; it requires the help of a specialist. However, do not neglect the preliminary calculations in online calculators – this will give at least a rough idea of ​​the level of costs.

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