How long can you drive without insurance?

After the adoption of any innovation, a large number of amendments and reservations are always introduced, therefore, reforms are often perceived with distrust. If the month had not been canceled in 2009 for reissuing insurance, the importance of getting insurance would have to be explained for a long time.

Until now, many novice drivers are interested in how much you can ride without insurance, this is really important. By law, driving a car without an OSAGO is impossible with one exception, even this simple wording often leads to many different interpretations.

The reason is that until 2009, driving without a policy was allowed if the old one ended, and a new one is being issued, or if a person bought a new car, however this provision has been canceled long ago.

It is believed that if you drive a car on the basis of a power of attorney, insurance is not necessary. In fact, the car always has an owner, there may also be a person who received a power of attorney to manage it.

It must be included in the insurance, even if the owner of the car is in the car during the verification of documents. Punishment for driving without insurance is also misunderstood by many, if the driver does not have a policy when checking, he will have to pay a penalty for overdue insurance , he is 500–800 rubles.

If the driver has paid a fine, but does not want to receive the policy, then he can confiscate the maximum number from him, but the cause of the violations can be eliminated in 24 hours, the driver can also take out insurance at the scene of violations, for this you need to call an insurance agent.

If the driver drives without insurance, the car cannot be taken to the car park, but it will be necessary to pay the penalty, as you can drive without insurance or with insurance limited to the season when it was impossible.

If the person actually driving the car is not inscribed in the policy, then the car can be picked up at the car park, then you will have to pay a penalty for the lack of insurance, as well as a tow truck and parking at the car park.

A solution to this situation may be the presence of a power of attorney. If it is filled before the trip, then by law the driver will have a ten-day period to get insurance.

A power of attorney issued before the trip formally grants the right to postpone the execution of insurance, and the person must have a passport and the car must be properly registered. During this period, the penalty for overdue insurance is not necessary to pay.

How long can you drive without insurance on a new car?

The new owner of the car within 10 days must pass inspection, insurance is also necessary when buying and selling a car , it is a prerequisite.

  • This is quite a sufficient period, since today it is quite possible to issue a policy at the place of technical inspection.
  • Until the end of this period, no claims about the policy can be presented to the driver.
  • If during this period he gets into an accident, he will have to bear all expenses on his own.

If a new car was purchased in the salon, the situation becomes even simpler, in this case it is not necessary to pass inspection, the insurance contract can be entered directly in the salon. It is better to do it quickly so that there are no difficulties.

If a new car is bought, then it will still have to pass inspection. If during this ten-day period, the inspector stops the driver and says that 10 days are given for registration of the policy, and not for driving, so you have to pay a fine, then you can ignore his requirements, since they are not based on law.

How long can you drive without insurance?

At such an inspector can safely sue, he will definitely lose the case. The law provides quite clear instructions for driving without insurance. This is possible only immediately after obtaining the rights to the car.

The interpretation of legislation is ambiguous, the acquisition of rights to the car comes after the registration of the contract of sale. This moment can also recognize the inheritance of the car after the heir enters into the rights of inheritance.

The moment of acquiring the rights to the car can also be considered as obtaining the title to the car due to the requirements of the law. It clearly states that driving without insurance is only possible 10 days after purchasing the car.

At the end of this period, the car must be registered in the traffic police. Considering these discrepancies and difficulties, it is necessary to draw up a policy as quickly as possible in order not to waste time, nerves and money, since fines, even imposed illegally, will have to be paid with real money.

Not all traffic police officers are inclined to follow the law unconditionally, so in practice, without serious need, it is better not to drive a car until you have insurance.

In any case, you should always adhere to the law and clearly understand all issues related to CTP. In addition to this compulsory insurance, it is desirable to have a lot of voluntary policies, they will seriously simplify life and help save.

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