Insurance highlights that every driver should know

Today, there are several types of car insurance. Perhaps the most popular among others can be called insurance. Interestingly, the word “TCP” itself means “full, all.” In general, the term itself says that the car is insured for the entire possible set of perceived risks.

What can you insure for hull insurance?

The standard list includes the following items:

  •  insurance against damage caused by a car in case of an accident (it doesn’t matter who is the culprit – maybe you accidentally hit the garage door when leaving it or someone scratched your car in the parking lot);
  •  insurance against damage to the fall on the car of various items, such as bricks from the roof of the house;
  •  insurance against natural disasters, here, by the way, can be attributed, and the fall of a billboard on the roof of your car with a strong gust of wind;
  •  insurance against the risk of theft and theft of your car;
  •  insurance against damage caused by the illegal actions of third parties in relation to your car, in particular, intentional damage to the paintwork of the hull or broken headlights.

At your request, the list can be extended to any number of items.

Today, CASCO voluntary insurance is recognized as the most popular type of vehicle protection against unforeseen situations, which, believe me, happen more often than we can imagine. And if a small scratch on the door can be forgiven for a careless neighbor who clumsily leaves the yard and disperse without the involvement of third parties, having solved the problem on the spot, no one on the spot will pay back the fall from the roof of the house to the huge icicle. For such unpleasant moments in our lives and there is auto insurance.

How much is a hull insurance?

Specific figures in this matter can not be. The insurance company has a special rate for each insured event. Also in the calculations, always pay attention to the brand and model of the vehicle. When calculating the amount of insurance, the insurer will take into account the statistics of the theft of your particular car model, the prices of its parts, and a number of other important points. The age of the car is also an important factor when calculating CASCO. In addition, the insurer will pay attention to your driving experience, as well as the driving experience of all those who are allowed to drive your car. So, experienced drivers, as a rule, receive discounts from the insurer. An important role is played by the driver’s own garage – a closed storage space for cars will be your advantage when calculating insurance premiums.

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